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Assessment Viewing Application User Guide 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/AVA-User-Guide_2019-2020.pdf

This user guide supports users of the Assessment Viewing Application (AVA). AVA is a component of the Online Testing System that allows authorized users to view the NGSS Interim Assessments for HSA Science Grades 5 and 8 and EOC Biology 1.

Assistive Technology Manual (formerly known as Braille Requirements and Testing Manual) 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Assistive-Technology-Manual_2019-2020.pdf
Updated April 13, 2020
Sample Braille Ready Format (BRF) File /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/brfsample.brf
Sample Printer Output File (PRN) /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/prnsample1.prn

This manual provides information on administering the End-of-Course Exams to students who will use assistive technologies to access their tests, including students who require the Braille accommodation for the Biology 1 End-of-Course Exam.

Sample BRF and PRN files are available for configuring printing software.

The Refreshable Braille Display instructional video explains how students will experience a computer-based test using the Refreshable Braille Display during test administration.

EOC Parent Information Booklet (English) 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/HI-EOC-PIB-2019-20.pdf

This document provides parents with general information about the End-of-Course Exams and sample online test items and student responses for each exam subject. The EOC Exams Parent Information Booklet (PIB) is provided in English and 14 additional languages (not archived).

EOC Parent Letters (English) 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/2019-2020-EOC-Parent-Letters-English.docx

Participation and non-participation letters schools may send to parents about the Algebra 1, Algebra 22, and Biology 1 End-of-Course Exams. Parent letters are provided in English and in 14 additional languages (not archived) for nine student populations.

These parent letters are Word documents that can be edited by school level staff members. Edits may include a school’s testing schedule, principal’s signature, and school phone number. If a student is included in two populations, e.g., IDEA-eligible and Home/Hospital Instruction, a customized parent letter can be created by inserting the appropriate text from the parent letter for each of these two populations.

Guide to Navigating the Online HSAP Administration 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Guide-to-Navigating-Online-HSAP_2019-2020.pdf
Updated January 22, 2020
This user guide provides instructions on how to use the online system applications, including the Test Administration Site and Student Testing Site.
HSA Science (NGSS) and EOC Exams Test Administration Manual 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/HSA-EOC-TAM_2019-2020.pdf
Updated January 24, 2020

This manual includes information about policies and procedures for Test Administrators, Test Coordinators, and others involved in test administration.

HSAP Systems User Roles and Access 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/HSAP_User_Roles_and_Access_2019-2020.pdf

This document indicates which users can access the features and tasks within each HSAP system.

HSAP TIDE User Guide 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/TIDE_User_Guide_2019-2020.pdf
Updated April 22, 2020
HSAP TIDE Quick Guide 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/TIDE-Quick-Guide_2019-2020.pdf
Quick Guide to Monitoring Test Progress in TIDE /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/HI_TIDE_Ancillary_UserGuide_2018.pdf
Updated May 14, 2018

This user guide provides full instructions on using the TIDE system, including navigating and entering data into TIDE.

The Quick Guide provides a brief overview of the steps for activating your TIDE account, logging into TIDE, and adding user accounts (if allowed).

The Quick Guide to Monitoring Test Progress in TIDE provides a brief overview of the steps to generate reports to monitor individual student and subgroup participation and school summary percent participation.

NGSS Interim Assessments Fact Sheet 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/NGSS-Interim-Assessments-Fact-Sheet-2019-2020.pdf

This document contains an overview of the NGSS Interim Assessments that will be administered.

NGSS Interim Assessments Test Administration Guide 2019-2020 /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/NGSS-Interim-Assessment-Test-Administration-Guide-2019-2020.pdf
Updated October 18, 2019

This guide provides an overview of how to prepare for and administer the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Interim Assessments.

Online Calculators in the Test Delivery System Manual /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Online-Desmos-Calculators-Manual-2017-18.pdf

The Online Calculators in the Test Delivery System Manual is a quick reference guide for the online Desmos Calculators.