EOC Exams Parent Information Booklet and Parent Letters (English) 2020-2021
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EOC Exams Parent Information Booklet and Parent Letters (English) 2020-2021

Jan 1, 0001

The EOC Exams Parent Information Booklet (PIB) provides parents with general information about the End-of-Course Exams and sample online test items and student responses for each exam subject. The EOC Exams PIB is provided in English and 14 additional languages (not archived).

The EOC Parent Letters are participation and non-participation letters schools may send to parents about the Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Biology 1 End-of-Course Exams. Parent letters are provided in English and in 14 additional languages (not archived) for nine student populations. These parent letters are Word documents that can be edited by school level staff members. Edits may include a school’s testing schedule, principal’s signature, and school phone number. If a student is included in two populations, e.g., IDEA-eligible and Home/Hospital Instruction, a customized parent letter can be created by inserting the appropriate text from the parent letter for each of these two populations.

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