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Algebra 2 EOC Exam Blueprint /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/HI_EOC_AlgebraII_Blueprint.pdf
Biology 1 EOC Exam Blueprint /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Science_Blueprints-for-Bridge.pdf
Algebra 1 EOC Exam Blueprint /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/HI_EOC_AlgebraI_Blueprint_Revised_080117.pdf
The test blueprints for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Biology 1 EOC Exams.
This page provides users with the current status of all online HSAP systems. From this page, users may also access the individual systems.
Feature Restrictions for iOS Devices /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Apple-and-Smarter-Assessments.pdf
Configuration Guidelines for iOS Devices /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/L522774B_Assessment-with-iPad_FF.pdf
In order to meet test security requirements, all testing devices must run an approved secure browser. These documents include information on the guidelines for the configuration of iOS devices and the feature restrictions for iOS devices.

This document provides parents with general information about the End-of-Course Exams and sample online test items and student responses for each exam subject. The EOC Exams Parent Information Booklet (PIB) is provided in English and 14 additional languages.

EOC Parent Letters 2019-2020 (Coming Soon)
Participation and non-participation letters schools may send to parents about the Algebra I, Algebra II, and Biology I End-of-Course Exams. Parent letters are provided in English and in 14 additional languages for nine student populations.
The Hawaii DOE Testing website provides updates and information on statewide assessments. Employees with access to the Hawaii DOE Intranet may also sign in and access the Assessment and Accountability page.
Hawaii NGSS Elementary School Cluster Specifications /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Hawaii-NGSS-Elementary-School-Specifications_02-27-19.pdf
Hawaii NGSS Middle School Cluster Specifications /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Hawaii-NGSS-Middle-School-Specifications_02-27-19.pdf
Hawaii NGSS Biology EOC Cluster Specifications /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Hawaii-NGSS-Biology-EOC-Specifications_3-24-19.pdf

These documents present cluster specifications for use with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). There are specifications for each of the grades 3 to 5 NGSS Performance Expectations that will be included in the Elementary Science Assessment, administered in grade 5; for each of the grades 6 to 8 NGSS Performance Expectations that will be included in the Middle School Science Assessment, administered in grade 8; and for the NGSS Performance Expectations that will be included in the Biology End of Course Exam, beginning in Spring 2020.

The item cluster specifications are designed to guide the work of item writers and the review of item clusters by stakeholders. They can also be helpful to teachers as they implement the NGSS and prepare students for the upcoming NGSS assessments.

Help Desk Intake Form /core/fileparse.php/3366/urlt/Help-Desk-Intake-Form.docx

This form can be used to gather key information that the Help Desk often needs in order to work on a case. To help move cases more quickly to the appropriate Help Desk agent, please fill in the form and copy and paste it in your initial email to the Help Desk along with a description of the issue you are reporting.